Outcomes and Learning


Here are our stated aims and objectives

We felt that this project was also more than the sum of its parts.

The people involved from all of the partner countries inspired not only one another and all the participants but also those local participants also present at each event.

Some people overcame lifelong fears and challenges before being able to participate, people helped each other with their fears and difficulties during the mobilities.

People showed their vulnerabilities and their strengths and we all learned from each other.

We met all our stated aims

  1. 1.We reached a shared understanding of the experience of institutionalisation and explored how those experiences were similar and different, each partner demonstrated and explained what worked well and what was more difficult in their own situations

  1. 2.Each partner was able to use that learning for their own adult learners to further explore what the strengths and weaknesses of their own services

  1. 3.Each group trained together and created learning opportunities from each situation they were in

  1. 4.The partners were all able to add a new learning from the other partners area of expertise that they will be able to apply to their own situation in the future

  1. 5.The adults with learning disabilities who participated in the project were all people who have been experienced exclusion from mainstream learning opportunities

  1. 6.The training and learning opportunities offered by each partner were very different but were all accessible and enjoyable experiences that encouraged diverse and complex engagement and encouraged each individual to participate fully.

  1. 7.Some support staff were involved who also were able to fully engage as learners and participants, this was very a beneficial and challenging learning experience for them.

  1. 8.There was fantastic cross cultural learning and some very deep conversations took place where people engaged with the differences of their situations but their shared painful experiences of marginalisation and an appreciation of what it is to be a citizen

  1. 9.Most people increased their experience of what is possible for them and increased their expectations

  1. 10.All participants, whatever their role as staff or person with learning difficulty were challenged in new ways during the project and everyone learned from each other